A Mama's Day present

So I wanted to make something for my mama for mother's day and I kind of got this idea:
1. she LOVES 50's inspired stuff
2. She Loves Lucille Ball
3. She wears makeup

So..... I made her a mint gingham clutch/makeup bag with Lucy stenciled on the back. I lined it in solid mint fabric and also closed it with my first functioning button!!! The button is awesome, it has a teal flower IN it Smiley
I'm living in indiana right now and she's in st. louis (where I'm from) so it's in the mail as I type this
(yes, I know it's late; I sprained my ankle so my sewing leg was out of commission for about a week Sad )

I can't wait for her to get it, I'm SOOO excited Smiley

I know it's not perfect, but that adds charm... right...? Smiley What do you guys think?

this is the front, I added black piping all the way around it

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