A Mama's Day present

So I wanted to make something for my mama for mother's day and I kind of got this idea:
1. she LOVES 50's inspired stuff
2. She Loves Lucille Ball
3. She wears makeup

So..... I made her a mint gingham clutch/makeup bag with Lucy stenciled on the back. I lined it in solid mint fabric and also closed it with my first functioning button!!! The button is awesome, it has a teal flower IN it Smiley
I'm living in indiana right now and she's in st. louis (where I'm from) so it's in the mail as I type this
(yes, I know it's late; I sprained my ankle so my sewing leg was out of commission for about a week Sad )

I can't wait for her to get it, I'm SOOO excited Smiley

I know it's not perfect, but that adds charm... right...? Smiley What do you guys think?

this is the front, I added black piping all the way around it

Just a grocery bag

This is just a grocery bag I made from some awesome green canvassy fabric that I got at a yard sale :) It holds a ton of stuff!!!

My Super awesome purse

I made this purse one night last week, I am SOOOO proud of it!!!
The floral fabric is 60's vintage I got at a yard sale and the black is some thick fabric someone gave me... The sweet matching buttons are from my collection of buttons.

Just some shirts....

Here are a few shirts that I made on my day off last week....
please excuse the wonky look that I have... it was my day off :-P

Birthday presents....

I made these Al Jourgensen and Jericho shirts for my husband's birthday.

The amelie shirt is for me :-D


Gangley the Octopus Maiden

So my friend Amanda had a baby last week and I was inspired by... I don't know what... to make baby Ellie a stuffed octopus. I didn't use a pattern... and I drew her eyes on with a fabric marker...
Well... She turned out kind of gangley... so I named her Gangley the Octopus...
And on to the pics...


Finally the kitchen curtains....

So, I finally got around to take a picture of the amazing green gingham! This is the exact same fabric that my grandparents used to have as curtains in their kitchen, when I was growing up. It brings back soooooo many memories, I am in love with my skirt. I didn't use any pattern or tut.
I basically made a 50s-ish style skirt with the fabric and attached black jersey fabric for a stretchy waistband, so here it is!

Reverend Horton Heat Pencil Skirt

I made this Rev. Horton Heat pencil skirt from an XL t-shirt that used to be my husband's. It was really easy to make, I didn't use a pattern or tut, I just kind of winged it. It's not perfect but it's good enough for me. I used the collar for the waistband and just added about an inch of stretchy jersey to allow for fit over my hips.
The front says, " I used to be a sinner, until I saw Reverend Horton Heat"

The back says, " And now I'm going straight to hell"

My super awesome boy shirt turned girl shirt

So, I found this $3 pink boy t-shirt at the store the other day and decided that it needed some action.... soooo.....
I chopped off the sleeves, cut the neck, and stenciled on a sewing machine....

So, now it is a pseudo-capped sleeved, boatneck, girl-awesome shirt


That was a really quick project....

So, it took about an hour but this is what I ended up with... I'm pretty happy with it, though my husband cannot take pictures to save his life...

Newest Project...

So I've got a new project that I'm working on....
I was inspired by this obnoxiously awesome knit fabric from Mrs. Deadlady and this awesome tut. from applejuicemoose!!
So I'm making it tonight, it shouldn't take long..... maybe 30 minutes....?
I'll keep you posted.


Joann Fabric Trip

So, I officially hit up Joann for the huge sale they're having. All the McCall's patterns are 99 cents!!! I picked up a couple dress patterns, some skirt patterns and some black stretchy fabric that I'm going to make a black under-bust pinafore out of :::see this @ Craftster:::
I wanted to start it tonight but I'm too tired...

On a completely random note, I just saw a commercial for these huge tomatoes you can buy that are like 5x as big as normal ones... every single time I see that commercial it makes me want to eat tomatoes... So, I'm going to eat a couple tomatoes.... even though I won't have any left for my salads.... boo...



Oh so tired...

I'm pretty tired at this point of the night, I think it's time for a bowl of Kashi with nonfat vanilla soymilk.... I'm hungry for some reason, I don't know why, I ate SO much today...
I've also got a bit of a headache, I think it's from a lack of caffeine in my body, which is ridiculous since I work in a coffee shop... Anyway...

I just made two new shirts, I drew a sewing machine on a pink boys t-shirt with fabric markers then turned it into a boatneck and shortened the sleeves. The other shirt is a bright green boys t-shirt that I stenciled Amelie's face on, I plan on doing a little surgery on it as well, but I haven't quite decided what yet.... anyway.